UK Humanoid Video

A video of a strange humanoid figure running across a highway in the UK has been posted by the Altered Dimensions site. The thirty three second video was captured by CCTV cameras. The figure moves rapidly across the four lanes of traffic and at first glance appears to be an animal. On closer inspection however, the figure does not seem to match any known animal.

According to sources, authorities spoke with officials to determine if the video was a hoax:

“We checked with local authorities who oversee the CCTVs in this area and this is not faked. They say it is genuine footage. This creature was filmed on CCTV running across a motorway in the UK.”

It’s unclear exactly where the video was filmed. If the footage is real, it’s an intriguing find. View the original footage here:

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2 thoughts on “UK Humanoid Video

  1. Gaby

    This creature looks exactly like the Fanyűvő of Hungary. It is described by witnesses as a tall humanoid with light gray or white fur and a thin but agile body. It can climb trees very quickly. It sometimes walks on two legs, but often it is described walking or running on all fours. Its arms and fingers are very long, they reach its knees.
    Here is a link to a Hungarian cryptozoology site where the creature is described:
    Note the posture of the creature in the middle picture. It says “futás közben”=when running.
    More pictures on this site:

  2. Thanks for the input Gaby, quite an interesting correlation.

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